James H. Bilbray Elementary School
Home of the Patriots

Welcome To The Art Room!

Thank you to all who participated in the art fundraiser this year!  Original Works Art products will arrive to Bilbray October 26, 2017.  Orders will be delivered to students in their classrooms on this day.  You are also welcome to stop by the art room to pick your items up.  
​Welcome to the Art room!  Students will create and explore a variety of materials and tools that are age and grade level appropriate.  It is vital that students practice drawing, cutting, painting, sculpting, and building their ideas into visual works of art at home in order to build upon their skills. Students come to art on a different day each week because we are on a 6 day rotation. Art can be messy, all children are welcome to wear and art shirt or apron to class.  In art we always accepting donations, and accepting egg cartons to use as paint palettes.  

Monthly after school paint parties are held in the art room.  $20 per student and that includes all supplies such as canvas, brushes, paint, and a snack too!  Keep an eye out for the flyers.  They will be passed out during art class.