James H. Bilbray Elementary School
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Welcome To The Art Room!

Thank you to all who participated in the Original Works art fundraiser this year!  Students created so many beautiful works of art that you can cherish on a variety of quality products that will last a lifetime! 
Your support of this art fundraiser not only celebrates your child's art but it helps purchase the best quality art supplies and opportunities for all Bilbray artists. 
​Welcome to the Art room!  Students will create and explore all kinds of art and use a variety of materials and tools that are age and grade-level appropriate. 
Students will work cooperatively and independently on projects that require cutting, pasting, tying knots, weaving, painting, and even sculpting. 

It is vital that children practice using scissors, drawing tools, and paint at home to build their ideas into visual works of art and to improve upon their skills. Many art assignments are connected to different countries and cultures from around the world from the beginning of recorded history. The Bilbray art room is just one place I hope to inspire students to be confident in their unwavering spirit in art and in life. 

Students come to Art class once every six days for 50 minutes. Art can be messy and all children are welcome to wear an art shirt or apron to class. In Art, we are always accepting art supplies as donations, as well as Clorox wipes, baby wipes, and egg cartons to use as paint palettes. We go through a lot of these items. Painting is my personal favorite!

Monthly after-school paint parties are held in the art room for additional art enrichment. The cost is $20 per student and includes all the supplies, such as canvas, brushes, paint, and even a snack! These classes are offered as a fundraiser for more art supplies. Flyers are located outside the art room. Check out the Awesome Art Room video our students made on our new Apple computers to see what sort of fun we have!

                        Colleen Wright

"Art is not about what you see, but what you help others see."   ~ Edgar Degas