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Common Core State Standards

Academic Standards that are FEWER, HIGHER, CLEARER

Our State is in alignment with the Nation as we embark upon new academic standards for K-12. This is new territory for all of us as teachers and administrators in CCSD. All of our teachers will participate in professional development every other week to analyze the new standards and plan student instruction accordingly.

What does this mean? What should parents expect?

Academic expectations at all grade levels are more rigorous. Expect to see more difficult reading material and more difficult concepts at each grade level. Questions will require students to use higher level reasoning, and will require complex thinking. Concepts will be fewer at each grade level, but concepts will require more in-depth study at each grade level.
Student homework expectations will be different. You will see higher level thinking, more complex texts, and more “digital homework” requiring your child to complete homework on assigned web-based programs. The traditional weekly Spelling lists and tests will be replaced by “Word Study” which requires students to understand spelling patterns and origins. If you have specific questions, please talk to your child’s teacher.
Classroom work and graded work will look different. As we move toward learner-centered activities, group work, and more project-based learning, you will see less paper-products and worksheets coming home. Students will be interacting with complex texts within the classroom through discussions, Accountable Talk, and group work. In addition, students will be recording their learning through Math Notebooks maintained in class, Anchor Charts developed as a class, and writing across the curriculum to convey their knowledge of complex standards. If you have specific questions, please talk to your child’s teacher.

Want to know more about Common Core State Standards?

Read the articles below. The first article gives an overview of what will be expected of students at the various stages of their education. The On Common Ground articles give grade-level specific information about what your child will learn in the secondtrimester of the 2013-2014 school year based on the Common Core State Standards.

More information is also available at the Nevada Department of Education website  http://www.doe.nv.gov/