James H. Bilbray Elementary School
Home of the Patriots
Fifth Grade

Important Events

May 4-6, 2018:  Sea Camp
May 23, 2018: Awards' Ceremony (3-5)
May 24, 2018: Last Day of School/ Dismissal at 12:45 p.m.
 Cheryl Citizen (73), Alecia Fife (71),
Traci Surette (Room 61),  Amy Lane (Room 63), and
Melissa Ramirez (P-2)


Students record daily homework in their student planner. Computer homework will be assigned most Tuesday and Wednesday nightd. Computers are available for student use before school. Students may make an appointment with their teacher if they do not have computer access at home.


Contact  the  Teachers

Cheryl Citizen        citizca@nv.ccsd.net
799-4646 ext 3901
Heidi Danowski     hoffmhc@nv.ccsd.net
799-4646 ext 3071
Amy Lane                lanean@nv.ccsd.net
 799-4646 ext 3063
Alecia Fife fifeaa@nv.ccsd.net
 799-4646 ext 3902
Traci Surette         surettm@nv.ccsd.net
 799-4646 ext 3061             

Learning At Home

* Review and sign planner daily. Ask your child to explain what s/he is learning in each subject.
* Students should be reading for 20 minutes daily.
* Review class notes in notebooks and all graded papers with your child.
* Practice math facts & spend time on IXL math.