James H. Bilbray Elementary School
Home of the Patriots
Fourth Grade

Mr. Jensen, room 51

Mrs. Manabat, room 53

Ms. McCauley, room 41


Homework is given nightly.  Please check and sign planners daily. 

Upcoming Events:

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Things to Try at Home....

In reading:
*Ask your child to describe
characters, settings, or events
from books he/she is reading.

*Read news and magazine
articles and discuss the main
idea and important details.

*Read informational texts and
discuss charts, graphs,
diagrams, and timelines.

In math:
*Practice multiplying and dividing multi-digit numbers using more than one strategy.

*Encourage your child to use
both drawings and equations
when solving problems.

*Encorperate fractions as much as possible at home. 
Practice Math Facts !
It's very important to use this fabulous resource whenever you have extra time.  Don't forget to check your messages and your class wall!