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What is mathematics discourse?
  • Refers to the exchange of ideas (both written and oral)
Writing Supports Understanding
  • Students explain how a strategy works
  • Students explain in writing how to do something
  • Students explain errors they or their teachers have identified
  • Students write their own definitions of terms
  • Students develop an argument to support a point of view
  • Students construct (and model answers for) their own problems
  • Students write before a math session, looking forward to their learning.
Benefits of Writing About Math
  • Organize thoughts
  • Recognize confusions
  • Form generalizations or draw conclusions
  • Process and retain ideas
  • Revisit ideas and thinking
  • Permanent record - progress over time
  • Make conjectures
Give Feedback to the Writer: 
(requires a response and promotes student thinking)
  • Does this always work?
  • Can you show me another strategy?
  • Tell me more about your results.
  • Give me an example of what you mean?
  • What if you did____, then what might happen?
  • What would this look like? Model/draw it for me.

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