James H. Bilbray Elementary School
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Special Education

Special Education Staff:

Mahasin Daniels (Speech),  Bryn Petty (Speech),  Ann Skurow (Psychologist),  Michele Maloney, (SEIF)
Michelle Jackson (Resource),  Ann Craig  (Instructional Assistant)
Kim DiOrio (Resource),  Danielle Tilford (Instructional Assistant)
Sandra Dadgar (E.C),  Angie Ayala (SPTA)
Amber Press (KIDS),  Lilia Ferguson (SPTA),  Milagros Alvarado (SPTA)
Stephanie Geldmacher (P-Aut),  Britanie Valerio (SPTA)
Michael McClain (I-SLD),  Jane Pineda (SPTA)
Amberlynne Mena Ochoa (P-AUT),  Yvette Perkins (SPTA)
Curriculum Information:
Using Common Core Standards, Special Education is dedicated to meeting your child's individual needs in accordance with IDEA (Individuals with Disability Act)and NAC (Nevada Administrative Code).
CCSS Ideas for Parents to do with Students at Home:
Practice Math Facts:
Utilize Mathletics and Moby Max websites for additional practice. Use flashcards or games to help your child learn math facts such as quick addition, subtraction, and multiplication.
Practice Reading Fluency: Check out Starfall.com for early reading skills. Know your child's Lexile rate and check out leveled books from the library. Ask your child to read aloud to you for 15 min each night.
Practice Spelling: Check out SpellingCity.com for additional spelling practice.
Useful Websites:
* IDEA Information

* NAC Information
* CCSD Special Education Programs